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The Audacity

GC Myers-The Audacity

The Audacity– At Little Gems show , West End Gallery

Men much more Loyal, tho’ not half so loud;
But these poor Devils were cast behind the Croud.
For bold Knaves thrive without one grain of Sense,
But good Men starve for want of Impudence.

–John Dryden, Epilogue to Constantine the Great by Nathaniel Lee

Another small painting that is part of this year’s edition of the Little Gems show which opens tomorrow, Friday, February 11, at the West End Gallery. This small piece, filled with warm tones, is titled The Audacity.

Audacity or boldness is something tat many of us run away from. It can be a scary thing, after all. Being bold means that you have put yourself out there for all to see which means there is the possibility for failure or ridicule.

And nobody wants that.

It’s sometimes easier to simply keep our heads down and blend in, never raising a fuss nor airing our desires. We just go with the flow.

As a result, those who are bolder among us, those who dare to yell the loudest and make the biggest spectacle– regardless of merit, honesty, righteousness, or popularity– often get the greater part of the attention and its accompanying rewards.

As they say, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

This is in plentiful evidence since we live in a time where fools flourish in their boldness. Even encouraged to do so.

As Dryden wrote:

For bold Knaves thrive without one grain of Sense,
But good Men starve for want of Impudence.

Sometimes we can’t politely and timidly stand by for fear of failing or being ridiculed. You have to let the world know what you want and expect from it. This holds true for many aspects of our lives, both private and public..

You have to step up and let your voice be heard.

And hope that you are not of those knaves without one grain of sense.

But consider this: If you have any  concern at all about being that fool, you probably are not. So be audacious. It might do you a world of good.

Don’t take my word for it. As Robert Frost wrote:

Freedom lies in being bold.

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