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Endless Possibility

GC Myers-  Endless Possibility

Endless Possibility— Coming to the Kada Gallery, Erie


Where are the Poets, unto whom belong
The Olympian heights; whose singing shafts were sent
Straight to the mark, and not from bows half bent,
But with the utmost tension of the thong?
Where are the stately argosies of song,
Whose rushing keels made music as they went
Sailing in search of some new continent,
With all sail set, and steady winds and strong?
Perhaps there lives some dreamy boy, untaught
In schools, some graduate of the field or street,
Who shall become a master of the art,
An admiral sailing the high seas of thought,
Fearless and first, and steering with his fleet
For lands not yet laid down in any chart.

— Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, 1882

This small painting, at 8″ by 16″ on canvas, is another new piece headed to the Kada Gallery in Erie for my upcoming show, Places of Peace, opening November 4.

It’s titled Endless Possibilities. As a non-sailor, I can only imagine the feeling of being carried by the whims of the wind over the surface of the sea. The image of endless horizon all around and the possibilities offered in any and every direction is fascinating to ponder. As is the idea of sailing toward an unseen– and perhaps unknown– destination dependent upon your own wits and experience.

I guess that is how discoveries and breakthroughs take place in anything. We head toward the unknown because that is where real possibilities exist– if only we have the courage and wits to make it there.

Here’s a song about possibilities. It’s The Band and their classic version of the Bob Dylan song, When I Paint My Masterpiece.

Someday everything’s gonna be differentWhen I paint that masterpiece

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