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Sharing Heart

GC Myers- Sharing Heart sm

Sharing Heart– Coming to Kada Gallery November 4, 2022

That pleasure which is at once the most pure, the most elevating and the most intense, is derived, I maintain, from the contemplation of the beautiful.

–Edgar Allan Poe, The Poetic Principle, 1848

Running a little late this morning but wanted to share this new painting that is part of my upcoming solo show, Places of Peace, which opens November 4 at the Kada Gallery in Erie.

It’s a 12″ by 24″ canvas called Sharing Heart. It fits in the category of my other Baucis & Philemon paintings with its intertwined trees denoting an eternal bond. But more than that, I see this piece as being about the generosity of spirit, that which makes one wish to share all that they are and have with others. To pull others up, to assist and elevate them.

It can come in the form of love, support, beauty or so many other things. In reality, that’s not far removed from the love that is the basis for the Baucis & Philemon pieces.

We want what is best for those we love.

It’s certainly a concept to be embraced and embellished.

There’s obviously more to be said on this subject but as I said, I am running late and time is short this morning. Let me add one bit of music to this mix. It’s Lift Me Up from Bruce Springsteen. It was written in the late 90’s for a film, Limbo, from filmmaker John Sayles.  The song is a quiet, almost pleading, song that features Bruce singing throughout in a falsetto that takes on a lovely and mesmerizing quality as the melody engulfs it.

Seems to fit this painting.

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