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GC Myers- The Stars Above, The Stars Below sm

The Stars Above, The Stars Below— At Kada Gallery, Erie

It’s a lifelong failing: she has never been prepared. But how can you have a sense of wonder if you’re prepared for everything? Prepared for the sunset. Prepared for the moonrise. Prepared for the ice storm. What a flat existence that would be.

–Margaret Atwood, Stone Mattress

I am just going to leave it at this on this 10th day of November: A new painting that is at the Kada Gallery show along with some words from Margaret Atwood on the sense of wonder that sometimes occurs when one encounters something for which they are unprepared and a favorite little known jazz piece from Richard Boulger.

Spices of life. Along with a cup of coffee, it sounds like a good start to the day. Let’s hope it fulfills that promise.

Forget hope, make it happen.

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