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Shop Small Saturday

Shop Small The Exile's Wilderness

The Exile’s Wilderness– At Kada GalleryWithout Shop Small Banner!

It’s Shop Small Saturday where the emphasis is on supporting local small businesses and artisans. The fact that every gallery that shows my work is owned and operated by a small business owner and that I consider myself both as an artist and a small business owner gives this day significance.

The beauty of shopping small and locally is that the money spent goes back into circulation immediately and has effects that makes your local communities vibrant places in which to live. The money spent locally doesn’t go toward buying a billionaire their 9th or 10th home or their 2nd super yacht or yet another Gulfstream jet.

No, it goes to owners and employees who in turn spend that money in other local businesses. It helps pay local families put food on the table, maintain their homes in your neighborhoods, pay for dance, music, and art lessons for kids. It pays for team sports.

It helps build community. It keeps hope alive and makes the dreams of so many possible.

I know that people buying from the small business galleries who show my work have made it possible for the dream of being a self-supporting artist to become a reality for myself and so many other artists. A gallery doesn’t only create employment for the folks working in the gallery. Every artist that shows in a gallery is yet another small business being supported.

Please keep that in mind as you look for gifts for friends and family for the coming holidays. Or if you want to treat yourself a bit or just want to help make your community a better place.

If you want to Shop Small at a gallery that shows my work, you can head to:

  • Kada Gallery, Erie, PA– My current solo show there, Places of Peace, is in the walls there until December 3rd.
  • West End Gallery, Corning, NY– I have several pieces showing in the current Director’s Choice exhibit.
  • Principle Gallery, Alexandria, VA– Regular display and new paintings headed to their annual Small Works show which opens next week.
  • Just Looking Gallery, San Luis Obispo, CA

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