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The Long View– At the Principle Gallery

Going back to the origin is called peace; it means reversion to destiny. Reversion to destiny is called eternity. Those who know eternity are called enlightened.

–Lao Tzu, Tao Tê Ching

I don’t have much to say this morning though the thread that runs through the triad here is one that could easily spur questions and discussion. Probably no answers but, hey, who said there were answers here? 

That thread is eternity. To be honest it came about because of the chorus to a John Prine song that was running in my head this morning. It kept repeating, kind of at the edge of my thoughts:

Wait awhile eternityOld mother nature’s got nothing on meCome to meRun to meCome to me, nowWe’re rollingMy sweetheartWe’re flowingBy God

That wait awhile eternity/ Old mother nature’s got nothing on me just kept rolling through my mind like a mantra. There was something in that phrase and the rest of the chorus that reminded me of the painting at the top, The Long View, which is at the Principle Gallery. There is something in it that speaks to me about the ephemeral nature of our time on this beautiful world and the depth and light that marks the eternity that lays beyond it. It has a sense of nostalgia for the known present mixed with a longing for the unknown eternity.

Hmm. Wasn’t expecting that observation. Got to mull that over.

But the chorus’ repetition kept me from recognizing what song it was from. It took me a few minutes to recall that it was from his classic holiday song, Christmas in Prison. I chuckled on this recollection. Seemed like an opportune discovery, one conveniently that had a holiday connection while still filling out my desired triad. It fits. It’s a tune that has that same wistful mix of nostalgia and longing that I see in the painting though from the perspective of a prison inmate. But maybe we’re all prisoners in some form, perhaps captive to our pasts, our present situations, our obligations, our fears and beliefs.

Hmm. Going to leave it there. Here’s the song.

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