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At Land’s End

GC Myers- At Land's End

At Land’s End— At West End Gallery


Don’t think about why you question, simply don’t stop questioning. Don’t worry about what you can’t answer, and don’t try to explain what you can’t know. Curiosity is its own reason. Aren’t you in awe when you contemplate the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure behind reality? And this is the miracle of the human mind—to use its constructions, concepts, and formulas as tools to explain what man sees, feels and touches. Try to comprehend a little more each day. Have holy curiosity.

–Albert Einstein, Einstein and the Poet: In Search of the Cosmic Man

The Einstein quote above is from a book, Einstein and the Poet: In Search of the Cosmic Man, written by William Hermanns and published in 1983. It basically was basically a verbatim dialogue between Einstein and Hermanns from interviews from in Germany before World War II and here in the US after the war. It was mainly concerned with Einstein’s humanist pursuits, one that encompassed the formation of a cosmic religion that combined science and spirituality, one who precepts would encompass all other religions.

The interviewer and author of the book, William Hermanns, was an interesting figure. Born in Germany in 1895, he survived combat in WW I and in its aftermath devoted himself to the pursuit of peace, working both an academician, a poet, and diplomat in pre-Nazi Germany. His experiences and position made him one of the more informed authorities on Germany in the first half of the 20th century. He later moved to the United States, continuing his poetic career and becoming a professor in German Language. He also maintained Einstein’s search for the Cosmic Person which continues even after his death in 1990 with a trust devoted to his work and poetry.

You can read more about his life at www.williamhermanns.com. Here’s an example of his poetry, one that very much in line with today’s theme:

P154 My Mystery j

As you might have ascertained, today’s theme is questioning and searching. Maybe the fellow in the small painting at the top is one of Einstein’s Cosmic Men.

To finish up, here’s Neil Young who is searching for a Heart of Gold. Classic stuff…

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