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GC Myers- Navigating Chaos  2022

Navigating Chaos– Now at the Principle Gallery

Let chaos storm!
Let cloud shapes swarm!
I wait for form.

–Robert Frost, Pertinax, 1936

There is often what appears to be chaos in this world. That’s a scary thing.

It represents tumult and uncertainty. Change. Destruction.


That’s probably the most important aspect of chaos: Creation comes from chaos.

We can fear it. We can fight it. But regardless of our efforts, chaos is always with us. Perhaps we should embrace it with the understanding that life and art and all other creation rises from chaos.

Hmm. Not what I thought I’d write this morning but let’s let it be as it is.

Here’s a favorite song from Willie Nelson, Darkness on the Face of the Earth. It’s the 1998 remake of his 1962 song which was far more traditional country in style. This version is less restrained and much freer in its movement. I thought it fit today’s subject as it’s about a guy trying to find form after his world is shattered.

Creation from chaos.


By the way, pertinax comes from the Latin and means obstinate and persevering. The quality you need to find form beyond chaos.

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