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Edvard Munch-- Starry Night 1893

Edvard Munch– Starry Night ,1893

When seen as a whole, art derives from a person’s desire to communicate himself to another. I do not believe in an art which is not forced into existence by a human being’s desire to open his heart. All art, literature, and music must be born in your heart’s blood. Art is your heart’s blood.

–Edvard Munch, Manuscript (1891)


Things to do this morning so I am leaving it at that.

However, I am adding a piece of music at the bottom from a composition, 4 Themes on Paintings of Edward Munch, from contemporary composer Anthony Plog. This piece from the suite is based on the painting at the top of the page, Starry Night, and is written for trumpet and organ.

That’s it. You’re on your own from here…


Edvard Munch- Anxiety, 1894


Edvard Munch– The Dance of LIfe, 1899

Edvard Munch- Melancholy

Edvard Munch– Melancholy, 1894

Edvard Munch Evening on Karl Johan Street 1892

Edvard Munch– Evening on Karl Johan Street, 1892

edvard munch vampire- love and pain -1895.

Edvard Munch– Vampire: Love and Pain , 1895

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