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GC Myers- Everlasting Bond sm

Everlasting Bond– At the West End Gallery

Although I conquer all the earth,

Yet for me there is only one city.

In that city there is for me only one house;

And in that house, one room only;

And in that room, a bed.

And one woman sleeps there,

The shining joy and jewel of all my kingdom.

—Anonymous, Ancient Sanskrit Poem

This ia a kind mash-up of past Valentine’s Day posts, with a Baucis and Philemon painting and a favorite love poem to accompany a blog entry that features a great tune from Otis Redding. Here’s that blog entry from five years ago:

Another Valentine’s Day. We often think of it as a day to express your fondness for the one you love. But at its heart, there is an element of yearning and loneliness in the day.

To give someone a Valentine as a kid– or maybe even when you’re a little older–is not only an offering up of your feelings for that other person but also a plea for their attention and affection. It is an admission of need and vulnerability that is very human, as is the need to know that you are indeed loved by another.

This song, These Arms of Mine, is from Otis Redding. For me, Otis can do no wrong and few can better express the yearning that I am describing here than Otis.

Have a good day. And if you love someone, let them know every day, not just on this day.

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