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And Warmth Arrives

GC Myers- And Warmth Arrives  2023

And Warmth Arrives– At West End Gallery

As flowerlets drooped and puckered in the night turn up to the returning sun and spread their petals wide on his new warmth and light-just so my wilted spirits rose again and such a heat of zeal surged through my veins that I was born anew.

–Dante Alighieri, The Inferno ( John Ciardi translation, 1954)

Been working on a couple of long delayed maintenance projects around here in recent days. Wanting to get a bit more done while I am still running strong on the energy from first light of the new day and the possibility contained in it, I am leaving this short post with you. A new Little Gem, a line from Dante and a great old song from The Rascals to get your day off and running.

Now, I have things that need to be done. As they say–got to make hay while the sun shines.

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