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2016  AAP  Summer Workshop Brochure Cover sThis is the cover for the brochure for the Summer Workshop for the American Academy of Psychotherapists, taking place this coming June.  This group also used one of my paintings (see below) for the program for their national conference this past year so I was really pleased and honored that they chose this painting, Unpuzzled, to grace this cover. I have gotten great feedback for many, many years from professionals in the field of psychology and psychotherapy so its really gratifying that they feel comfortable using my work to represent these events.gc-myers-2015-therapists-program-sm

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GC Myers 2015 Therapists Program smIn the aftermath of Friday’s show at the Principle Gallery, I was planning on taking it easy today and not posting anything today.  But in the hoopla of getting ready for the show I completely overlooked the fact that last week I published my 2000th blogpost here on RedTreeTimes.

It’s not really that big a deal. I mean, anyone with a computer, an internet connection and a few extra minutes can write a blog and put something out everyday.  That doesn’t mean it will be  all that interesting or will say anything earth-shattering.  I think a pretty high percentage of my posts are evidence of that.

It’s just a testimony to endurance (or obsession), to staying with it for now going on eight years, getting up each morning and forcing myself to try to say or show something even slightly of interest to those of you who stumble across this blog.  It’s not always easy and there are days when I would rather do just about anything else, especially when I think of the so many forgettable posts that have appeared here over the years.

But once in a while, I’ll go back in the archives and come across an older blog and, after reading it, think to myself, “Hey, that’s pretty good.  Where did that come from?”   It’s the same feeling that I sometimes get with my painting.  And I think it’s that moment of surprise in seeing something that seems beyond me that makes it all worthwhile, that makes me want to continue to struggle every morning in front of this damn computer screen.

Thanks for those of you out there who have read it through the years.  Glad to have you aboard.

That said, I wanted to also point out the photo at the top.  It’s the program cover for this year’s conference for the American Academy of Psychotherapists, taking place in St. Louis later this year.  Arlington-based therapist Dean Chelpon was in charge of this year’s program and, having followed my work for several years, asked if they could  use one of my paintings for the cover.

They chose this painting titled  Witness Stand and I think it makes an effective cover, especially with that tagline under it, Where Therapists Fear to Tread.  Thank you, Dean, for thinking of my work.  I am honored to have it featured on your program.

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