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Nepalese man Trapped in Rubble Photo by Narandra ShrestaIt’s been heartbreaking to see the tragedy taking place in Nepal as a result of a massive 7.8 earthquake and subsequent huge aftershocks that rocked this Himalayan nation over the weekend. I’ve never been to Nepal and there is a good chance that I may never see it but I feel a small connection to this distant nation through my work, which hung in the American Embassy in Kathmandu for several years.  Plus, I have met a number of folks who have been there and they always speak of their experiences there in glowing terms.

It’s hard to even imagine the destruction caused when a chunk of the planet about 35 miles wide and 75 miles long is suddenly shifted 10 feet.  But the images coming from Kathmandu fill in the blanks– tremendous physical damage, horrible injuries and mounting loss of lives– over 3700 as of this morning and sure to keep rising.  Rescue efforts continue but it is a hard slog given the lack of resources and the remoteness and relative inaccessibility of Nepal.

Maju Deval Temple, Kathmandu- Before and After  Earthquake

Maju Deval Temple, Kathmandu- Before and After Earthquake

There were also cultural tragedies, including the total destruction of the Maju Deval Temple in Kathmandu.  It was built in 1690 and had survived beautifully through the previous 325 years until the quake reduced it to a pile of rubble as seen in the photo above. On Mt. Everest, there is still no true accounting of the total number of climbers and guides lost when the quake caused massive avalanches in the high peaks.

It can be frustrating, watching a tragedy such as this from such a long distance.  We want to help but there seems to be so little that we can do from half a world away.  But there are reputable charities that are geared up just to help in situations such as these, having resources ready to go in a very short time and their people on the ground in the devastated areas within hours.

And they need your help in order to help others.

There is a local Nepalese charity called the Soarway Foundation, that was created in part by the honorable Scott DeLisi, our former ambassador to Nepal and a man who I have had the honor of corresponding with over the past several years. They have an infrastructure in place in that nation and any money donated will have an immediate impact on the earthquake’s victims.

Two other of my personal favorites are Oxfam and Americares, both of which take very little from your donations for things like administration and fundraising.  Both are very quick to action also.. And of course, there is the Red Cross, although most donations go into a general fund to help around the world.

So give if you can to this nation that needs a helping hand at this time.

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When news of the earthquake first hits the airwaves this past week, I, like many others , gave a quick look up from my own concerns and tried to put it behind me as being out of my realm.

Other people’s problems, you know?  You’ve got problems. I’ve got problems.  We all have problems of our own so why should I put myself out to help people I will likely never meet in a country I will likely never visit?

To my shame, that self-serving part of me took over for the first days of this tragedy.  I tried to avoid the coverage as if by not seeing it, it didn’t exist in my little world.  But the scope of the tragedy made it unavoidable and as I watched and saw the suffering written in those faces, I realized that the worst day in my life would be a moment of relief for these folks.

I have been down to the last penny I had in this world.  I have walked the streets of strange cities in desperation.  I have been near the end of my rope.

But seeing a stunned mother sitting in front of a pile of rubble where her home once stood, with her four children dead underneath and no one there to help her get to them so she might see them once more and bury them, made me realize that my problems were insignificant by comparison.  I had not known true need.  I had not known true desperation.  My rope was nowhere near its end.

The Haitian people are in true need and know all too well the meaning of desperation and loss.  Too many are near the end of their ropes.

So what could I do that would be of some help to these people?  At first, I gave cash to Americares, a relief organization that I have donated to in the past.  They have had a long relationship, over 26 years,  with Haiti and the local agencies there and less than 1% of my donation goes to administration and fundraising.

But it didn’t seem like enough.  Cheri suggested I auction off a painting which at first, I resisted.  There was a cynical part of me that felt that there was something self-serving in this, as though it would be perceived as promoting myself rather than a sincere effort to do what was best.  But Cheri pointed out that this was a genuine way to raise more needed money using the only tools at my disposal, my paintings.  Perhaps by rewarding the donor with an article of value they would bid higher and more money would be raised and in some small way we, the bidder and I, could be of more help together than separately.

So this auction started.

Here’s how it goes:  If you wish to participate, you can bid on any of the paintings shown by bidding in the Comments section below or by e-mailing me at info@gcmyers.com .  Bidding closes Tuesday January 19th, at 12 noon EST.

The winning bidder receives:

*   Their choice of what organization receives the donation. For every $1.00 bid, a donation of $1.25 will be made.

*    The painting they have bid on, shipped and insured without cost to them.  The painting will be dedicated on its back to the winning bidder.

*    A signed copy of my book.

*    The satisfaction of knowing they have tried to make a difference.

So, if you wish to participate, please bid, and if you can’t, pass this along to someone you  know who may be interested.



12″ by 16″  on canvas/ Value $1400

Current High Bid——- $ 1500

Current High Bidder– Eliza Schissel


“Archaeology: The New Phoenix

8″ by 16″ on canvas/ Value $1450

Current High Bid——— $ 1000

Current High Bidder–  Denny Springmann



“New Day of Hope”

6″ by 10″ image on paper/ 16″ by 20″ frame/ Value $ 1000

Current High Bid———$ 500


Current High Bidder-  G. Edwards


Thank You!

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Yesterday, I sent out a donation to a relief organization to aid in the effort to help the citizens of Haiti in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake.  When you see the images of those people, wandering aimlessly through streets strewn with corpses and the rubble of what was their life before the quake, how can someone turn their back on these people?  I know we all have our own problems and worries in our own lives to bear but do they really compare to what these folks are experiencing?

Try to imagine the feelings that must be racing through these people’s minds.  Despair and loss.  The feeling of utter hopelessness.  In all too many cases, the grief of losing family.  These are people who have struggled through the bleakest of times only to have everything they have stripped away in a few moments.

Do your problems really compare?

If you can, please give, but choose wisely.  Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous skunks out there willing to profit from this type of tragedy.  I have always supported Americares because of the efficiency of their organization.  Over 99% of their donations go directly to rescue and aid efforts all over the world as well as here in the US.  Another is the Red Cross , always at the forefront of providing disaster assistance.  Then there is Yele which is the Haitian relief organization set up by Wyclef Jean in 2005 to help lead his native land in  recovery from their many past woes.  There are many others who are trying to provide great assistance to the people of Haiti.  Just know what the organization really is to which you are donating.


Besides my cash donation, I would like to offer this painting up for an online auction in which all proceeds will go to one of your choice of the three organizations listed above. Actually, I will go one better– I will donate 125% of the winning bid, 100% of the bid and an additional 25% from my own pocket.  So your winning bid will provide $1.25 of aid for every dollar bid. I will pay for shipping and insurance for the piece.  Bids will be accepted through the comments section or, if you prefer anonymity, at my website’s email address, info@gcmyers.com .

This painting is titled Proclamation and is a 12″ by 16″ painting on canvas, framed in my normal floating frame.  It is a piece that would normally be priced in the $1400 range in galleries.  I will ship it with a dedication to you on the back in honor of your donation as well as a signed copy of my book.

The bidding starts at $300 and runs until Tuesday, January 19, at 12 noon EST.

So, if you’d like to help in a small way the people of Haiti you can bid on this piece with my gratitude in knowing my work would be of some help to these people. If you can’t or don’t want to bid on this, try to give something to an organization set up to help these folks, such as the ones listed above.  If you know someone who might be interested in this painting and in giving aid to the Haitian people, pass this post on to them.

Whatever the case, try to help…

The Current High Bid as of 2:57 PM Friday is——$ 1500.00

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