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GC Myers- To the Watchtower smI’m a little tired, mainly of talking about my work and myself, and want to keep this short today.  I thought I’d show another painting from the show at the Principle Gallery and couple it with the song that spawned it.  The painting above is titled To the Watchtower  which I derived from the old Bob Dylan song All Along the Watchtower.

I thought it might serve as a good metaphor for what will be my final plea for your help in our efforts to raise funds for the Soarway Foundation, a campaign that ends today.  By donating, you can possibly win a painting of mine but the more important thing is that you are reaching out to those in need, people who don’t expect your help, don’t feel entitled to it but desperately need it.

Like the Red Tree in the painting, we often place ourselves on islands, seemingly insulated from the rest of the world and hopefully immune to the ills and woes of it.  I openly acknowledge that I am prone to this.  But we are not islands.  We are connected to the world.  It’s knowing that we are part of a greater whole that is the basis for the empathy that keeps this world together.  So, even while we try to stay put on our island we must man that watchtower and stay vigilant to the suffering of others.

Reach out.  Help someone.  Maybe you don’t give a tinker’s damn about people on the other side of the globe.  So be it.  Then help someone in your neighborhood. Your town. Your country.

Just help someone…

But I am asking for your help today by going to the link at the bottom.  If you can or if you already have, I thank you mightily.  If not, like I say, help someone else.

Reach out.

Thanks.  Here’s the classic Jimi Hendrix version of Dylan’s song.


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Soarway Poster -Engage NepalI don’t want to take much of your time on this holiday but I do want to remind you that there is one week left  to donate (and, yes, possibly win!) to the Soarway Foundation and their efforts to assist Nepal in recovering from last year’s big earthquake.

Part of this also aids in helping Nepal  build up its preparedness for future earthquakes, which was the Soarway Foundation’s original mission.  You see, this organization was founded by Michael Kobold  ( watchmaker, filmmaker, author and explorer -check out his extraordinary life here) only weeks before the 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit last April.  Nepal sits on two shifting tectonic plates and has been in the cross-hairs for a huge earthquake for many years.  And undoubtedly many more.

Scott DeLisi, from his years as the US Ambassador to Nepal, knew that the country was in extreme danger from such an event and did not have the resources to react  in time of need.  He signed on as the head of Soarway with the hope of reinforcing its weak disaster response infrastructure.  This is a country that only had 24 firetrucks to cover a huge area of extremely rugged land.

The Kathmandu Valley only had one firetruck serving it.  One of the first projects of the Soarway Foundation was an expedition delivering several firetrucks to Nepal.

That isn’t as easy as it sounds.  The trucks must be driven through high and rough Himalayan roads in order to find their home in Nepal.  It’s this same remote ruggedness that make any rescue and recovery there such a hard business.

But the mission for preparedness became one of recovery as the earthquake hit in late April of 2015.  The Soarway Foundation realized there was so much devastation that no one group could rebuild the hundreds of thousands of homes or the thousands of schools destroyed.  They understood that the most effective manner of bringing aid was in partnering with local groups who knew the terrain and the immediate needs of the local people.  This has led them to their partnerships with groups that battle human trafficking, that try to find family homes for the huge number of orphans and that try to rebuild permanent housing for the tens of thousands still living in tents.

You could win this painting valued at $5000!

You could win this painting valued at $5000!

There’s a huge need in Nepal and this is but a small step in helping that country.  I don’t have the resources to help in a very large way but I thought that maybe we could raise some much needed money through an event where many small donations could grow into something more.  So, using the only asset at my disposal, my work, I put up a larger painting so that those donating could possibly win by donating.  Plus, they get a signed poster and their donation is tax deductible.

Have a good Memorial Day and please consider reaching out and giving a hand to those who really need it.


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GC MYers- The Untold Want smThis is another new painting headed to the Principle Gallery this weekend for my show there, Part of the Pattern, which opens next Friday, June 3.  This piece is 14″ by 34″ on paper and is titled , The Untold Want.  The title was taken from the title of a very short poem from Walt Whitman that contained the phrase that spawned and became the title of  the  Bette Davis movie,  Now, Voyager.

It’s a great film with a great cast, the kind of movie that could not be made today without becoming something other than what it was intended to be.  It’s the story of a young lady from a wealthy family who is hindered and defined by an overbearing mother.  She suffers until she meets a therapist (played by the great Claude Rains) who finds a way to let her break free and find her own definition of self.  To discover her own untold want.  He quotes the Whitman poem as she leaves his care.  He has given her the tools and she, the Voyager, must discover the world on her own.

There is a lot more to it than that, of course.  But I think that little synopsis captures what I see in this painting.  I see it as being about moving out into the wide world on one’s own terms, unafraid to show oneself as they truly are.  Visible for all to see, flaws and all, and ready to uncover all the mysteries that the world has to offer.

At least, that’s how I see this piece.  I like it, like the feel of it, like the color and tone of it.  It has a sturdiness and simplicity that I find appealing, like a piece of Craftsman furniture.

Here’s the poem:              

 The untold want, by life and land ne’er granted,  

Now, Voyager, sail thou forth, to seek and find.

-Walt Whitman, The Untold Want


REMINDER: Engage Nepal

The clock is running on the event for the Soarway Foundation.  Every donation of $25 and above gets a signed poster like the one shown below as well as a chance to win a painting of mine valued at $5000.  This event ends June 6, 2016 so click on the Crowdrise link below or click here  to see how you can help and possibly win!

Soarway Poster -Engage Nepal

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GC Myers- Into the PatternThis painting, Into the Pattern, is featured prominently in my upcoming show at the Principle Gallery (opening June 3)and was featured in an earlier blog entry a few months back.  I thought I’d take a few moments this morning to revisit this painting as it is also featured on a poster for the Soarway Foundation.

As you probably know from recent posts, I am currently partnered with this organization in a fundraising effort to aid them in their mission to help the people of Nepal in the aftermath of last year’s earthquakes which devastated this peaceful and isolated nation.  The foundation was started and headed by retired US Ambassador to Nepal Scott DeLisi who saw that there was a real need for quick and specific assistance for the local organizations in Nepal who were on the front lines in battling the poverty, loss of facilities and homes and the rise of human trafficking that took place in the huge void created after the earthquake.  Feeding off the affection for the people of Nepal he gained while living there, Scott and wife, Leija, have turned what should have been a  comfortable retirement into a seemingly all consuming, full-time effort to complete their mission to bring aid to Nepal.

It’s a daunting task, especially in a world that seems to unleash a new tragedy every other day.  But I would like to think we are a people of compassion and that we see that we are connected with the struggles of people a world away in the shadow of the Himalayas. It’s this connection, this unity with all the world, that I feel is a central theme in my work, especially in this upcoming show.  We are all part of a larger pattern and when one part of the pattern is damaged, the whole of it suffers.

Prayer flags fly over the village of Khunde.

Prayer flags fly over the village of Khunde.

I see this connection to a larger pattern in this particular painting.  It was chosen for the poster for this reason and also because the pattern and colors of the spiral forms in the sky remind me of the Buddhist prayer flags that are often seen flying over Nepal.  The flags come in five colors–blue, white, red, green and yellow– symbolizing the five elements of sky, wind, water, fire and earth.  When flown they become symbolic prayers that with the help of the wind spread peace, compassion, strength and wisdom over the surrounding landscape.

I think we could all use a few more prayer flags.

So, I ask with all seriousness that you consider making a small donation to this Soarway Foundation effort-  part of the pattern is damaged and needs to be repaired.  You might think your small effort doesn’t matter but you’re wrong– it takes many to help many.

You can help and I am sincerely and outright asking for your assistance in this effort.

And who knows? You might win the painting being offered.  I’m looking at it at this very moment here in the studio– it’s a large and dramatic piece that speaks to the same themes as Into the Pattern.  Plus you get the poster below.

So, please click here to visit the event page.

Soarway Poster -Engage Nepal

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GC Myers- Cleansed smThis is another piece from my upcoming June show at the Principle Gallery.  It is titled Cleansed and is 18″ by 18″ on canvas.  The final look of this painting really pleases me with its clarity and pop.  It really makes the eye jump to it in the studio.

During the past few days as I’ve been doing final preparations for the show, I have found myself seeking this piece out just to look at it for a few stolen moments.  There’s something very soothing in a placid kind of way for me in this painting, despite the brightness of the color that seems to almost be shouting from the canvas.  Maybe it’s shouting, “Relax!

Cleansed Layout and Underpainting 2016This was an interesting piece.  I initially laid out the composition in red oxide and began to lay color into the rays in the sky.  At that point it felt like the overall color of it was going to go into the blues. A nocturnal scene perhaps.  But that didn’t quite ring true for me so I didn’t go forward with it.  So for the last couple of months this piece has been sitting in the state shown here at the left, behind me as I work at the easel.  Whenever I would turn around, it was there staring me in the face.

Finally, in the last week, I decided that it had to be done.  It still felt like a night scene but I decided to go against that intuition.  I had been working on a couple of pieces with brighter colors in the days before this and decided to continue in that vein here.  At first, I regretted it but it quickly took on the glow that I see in it.

I’m glad I went this way even though I think the other way would have brought a really strong image.  I think I needed it this way more than the other way.

And sometimes that’s what painting does for me– it gives me what I need at certain times.



Just a reminder that you can help the Soarway Foundation in its efforts to help the people of Nepal in their struggle to recover form last year’s earthquakes.  Your donation of $25 and above gives you an entry into a drawing for  my painting, Enraptured, a 30″ by 40″ canvas valued at $5000, as well as a signed commemorative poster from the Soarway Foundation.

In relative terms, your odds are pretty good so reach out  and give a helping hand and maybe you can win this painting.

This event ends in less than two weeks, on June 6, 2016.  So please act now.  If you can’t, please share this or tell a friend or two–every little bit helps.

You can go to the contest site by clicking here or clicking on the painting or poster below:

Soarway Poster -Engage Nepal GC Myers- Enraptured sm a

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GC Myers- Enraptured sm a

Help Nepal and Win This Painting!

This time it’s for real!  All the t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted and the site is ready to go after a premature launch this past weekend.

I’m talking about the Soarway Foundation and the initial event in their Artists Engaging Nepal  campaign to raise funds that will provide vital assistance to the people of Nepal who are still struggling in the aftermath of last year’s devastating earthquakes.  There will be a number of events to follow involving online auctions, raffles and gallery galas that will feature artwork from artists in Nepal, Uganda and North America but  this is the first one out of the gate.

And I think it’s a pretty darn good way to kick things off.

We are giving away the piece of mine shown above, Enraptured, a 30″ by 40″ painting on canvas valued at $5000, to a donor who will be selected at the conclusion of this promotion, which ends June 6 at 11:59:59 AM EST.

A donation of $25 earns one (1) entry into the drawing for this painting, $50 earns two (2) entries and $100 earns five (5) chances to win.  And to give you a little more incentive to reach out, each donor of $25 or more will receive a signed commemorative poster like the one shown at the bottom.  To donate and enter, click here.

Please take a moment to consider helping the Soarway Foundation help the people of Nepal.  I outlined many of vital things they are doing in my earlier post and I can vouch that their mission, spearheaded by former US Ambassador to Nepal Scott DeLisi and his wife, Leija,  is one that is based on true compassion and love for the people of Nepal.  Anything you can spare will be of great help in this effort.

So, you have less than two weeks to act on this.  And you will most likely have a pretty good chance  of winning as the odds are based on the number of entries we receive.  And even if you can’t donate, please pass this on to your friends and family.  We want as much as exposure and awareness for this mission as we can muster.

You can get more info, donate and enter by clicking here.


Soarway Poster -Engage Nepal

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Soarway Foundation Logo

Yesterday’s roll-out of the fundraiser for the Soarway Foundation‘s work for the recovery of Nepal seemed to be going along smoothly when we hit a snag.  Apparently there was a problem with the the site.  Although live and working,it was not yet ready from a legal standpoint.  The rules for donating had not yet been posted  and this legality (and there are a lot of them!) made any donations made ineligible for the drawing for the painting.

So Crowdrise, who is the administrator for the event, determined that it would be best to hit reset, refund any donations immediately and start all over again.  The event will reopen within a few days once they have all the loose ends tied up so that everything is square with the law.  We let you know when it goes live and kick off the whole thing again at that point.

You always wants things to go off without a hitch but sometimes that just isn’t possible so you make the best of the situation.  So, we’ll consider this a dry run, a rehearsal for real thing to come.

Please accept my sincere apologies for any inconvenience and my heartfelt thank you’s for those of you who took time  and generously made the effort to participate.  I hope you’ll return in a few days because it’s a cause where I believe that the funds raised can make a huge and immediate impact.  It is basically a volunteer organization  which means that every donation can make some sort of difference for  the people who truly need this help.

Please take some time and go the Soarway Foundation’s site and read about their efforts.  As I said, this is the first of their efforts that will feature wonderful artists from Nepal, Uganda and here in the United States.  In fact, if you are an artist and would like to participate in some way, please let Scott DeLisi know through the contact info on the site–it’s right at the top of the page.

I guess today’s Sunday morning music should reflect what happened yesterday so I chose the Diana Krall version of the classic standard Pick Yourself Up.  Good advice for any day.  Have a great Sunday and I hope to hear from you all when we go live with the fundraiser later this week!

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Soarway Poster -Engage NepalIt’s been a year since massive earthquakes rocked the country of Nepal in April and May of 2015.  It brought extreme devastation to this peaceful and isolated nation high in the Himalayan Mountains, destroying huge numbers of homes, much of the infrastructure and leaving thousands of its citizens struggling to get by as the mountain tourism that sustained it ground to a halt.  The country’s isolated and rugged mountain location made all support efforts even more difficult than your typical disaster response.  It also made Nepal’s suffering easy to forget– out of sight, out of mind.

In the past year, very little has been done to restore Nepal and it’s misery continues.  Many of its citizens continue to live in tents, the same ones that sheltered them from the last harsh Himalayan winter.  Kids were especially hit hard.  There is a huge number of orphaned children who are at risk of being placed institutionally– which is not a pretty sight in the context of a poor nation such as Nepal.  Many. many schools were destroyed and have yet to be rebuilt or replaced, leaving these same children without a continuing education.

Human trafficking has reared its ugly head here as well.  Many young women in devastated areas are lured with the promise of high wages for domestic work outside the country.  Once there, they find themselves held captive, often as sexual slaves.  But many feel they have no other option as the tourism supported by expeditions to the mountains have been very, very slow in coming back leaving many in Nepal without incomes and in dire poverty.  It’s a terrible scenario to even consider.

I have become involved with the Soarway Foundation which was formed this past year by former US Ambassador to Nepal Scott DeLisi and his wife, Leija. Their goal is to raise awareness and funds that will get quickly into the hands of people and organizations that can have an immediate impact.

They are partnering with a number of local groups, one that is aiming to provide over a thousand transitional homes before this next winter as well as rebuild schools in the hardest hit areas.  They are working with Maiti Nepal, an organization founded and led by Anuradha Koirala, the 2010 CNN Hero of the Year, that actively fights against human trafficking in Nepal.  They are working with groups that aim to place orphaned children with extended families instead of the underwhelming institutional orphanages of Nepal.

This has become a labor of love for Scott and Leija.  It would have been easy for them to shift into an easy retirement after Scott’s lifetime of service with the foreign service, most recently as our ambassador to Nepal then Uganda.  But their empathy and concern for the people of Nepal who they came to love during their time there has made this a more than full-time effort for them as they try to help in any way possible.  They are going non-stop in trying to raise funds and schedule events to raise awareness of the need for help in Nepal and engage others in the battle.

They have an upcoming fundraiser in NYC  with Anuradha Koirala to raise funds for Maiti Nepal and have started organizing Wounded Heroes Treks which consists of wounded military vets visiting and climbing the Himalayan Mountains in an effort to kickstart the lagging economy. They also have organized artists from both Nepal and Uganda and here in the USA in an effort consisting of online auctions, gallery galas and the thing I am here today to put forward.

I am partnering with them on an effort called Engage Nepal.   It is a fundraising effort that will hopefully provide sufficient funds to make a difference in Nepal’s recovery.  I am asking you to visit their page at the fundraising site Crowdrise and donate today.  But for your efforts, we wish to reward you in some small way.  For every donation of $25 and above, you will receive a signed poster like the one shown at the top of this blog.  The painting used was chosen because the whorls in the sky remind me of the Buddhist prayer flags one might see throughout Nepal.

And there’s more: A donation enters you in a drawing to win the painting shown below, Enraptured.  It is a large painting, 30″ by 40″ on canvas whose intertwined trees represent for me the strength of combined efforts in weathering the storms of this world.  It is valued at $5000.  For a $25 donation you get one entry into the drawing + a poster, for $50 you get two entries+ a poster and for $100 you get five (5)  entries + a poster.

This effort was scheduled to kick off tomorrow but it has opened this morning so you can be one of the very first to check it out  now by clicking here.  This event with the drawing and poster is scheduled to end in approximately two weeks so please take a moment to look and act.  Give if you can and if not, please share this with your friends.  We are seeking to raise as much awareness as possible.  Thank you for taking the time to read this.

GC Myers-Enraptured - Engage Nepal


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Nepalese man Trapped in Rubble Photo by Narandra ShrestaIt’s been heartbreaking to see the tragedy taking place in Nepal as a result of a massive 7.8 earthquake and subsequent huge aftershocks that rocked this Himalayan nation over the weekend. I’ve never been to Nepal and there is a good chance that I may never see it but I feel a small connection to this distant nation through my work, which hung in the American Embassy in Kathmandu for several years.  Plus, I have met a number of folks who have been there and they always speak of their experiences there in glowing terms.

It’s hard to even imagine the destruction caused when a chunk of the planet about 35 miles wide and 75 miles long is suddenly shifted 10 feet.  But the images coming from Kathmandu fill in the blanks– tremendous physical damage, horrible injuries and mounting loss of lives– over 3700 as of this morning and sure to keep rising.  Rescue efforts continue but it is a hard slog given the lack of resources and the remoteness and relative inaccessibility of Nepal.

Maju Deval Temple, Kathmandu- Before and After  Earthquake

Maju Deval Temple, Kathmandu- Before and After Earthquake

There were also cultural tragedies, including the total destruction of the Maju Deval Temple in Kathmandu.  It was built in 1690 and had survived beautifully through the previous 325 years until the quake reduced it to a pile of rubble as seen in the photo above. On Mt. Everest, there is still no true accounting of the total number of climbers and guides lost when the quake caused massive avalanches in the high peaks.

It can be frustrating, watching a tragedy such as this from such a long distance.  We want to help but there seems to be so little that we can do from half a world away.  But there are reputable charities that are geared up just to help in situations such as these, having resources ready to go in a very short time and their people on the ground in the devastated areas within hours.

And they need your help in order to help others.

There is a local Nepalese charity called the Soarway Foundation, that was created in part by the honorable Scott DeLisi, our former ambassador to Nepal and a man who I have had the honor of corresponding with over the past several years. They have an infrastructure in place in that nation and any money donated will have an immediate impact on the earthquake’s victims.

Two other of my personal favorites are Oxfam and Americares, both of which take very little from your donations for things like administration and fundraising.  Both are very quick to action also.. And of course, there is the Red Cross, although most donations go into a general fund to help around the world.

So give if you can to this nation that needs a helping hand at this time.

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