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earth-full-view 1972It’s hard to believe that the first time we were able to see the Earth in full-view was a photo taken a little less than 42 years ago, by the the Apollo 17 astronauts in December of 1972.  This Blue Marble  image that changed our view of who we are, allowing us to see ourselves from the outside as a whole,  and became part of our worldview.  It is an image that is so powerful that we immediately absorbed it and it seemed as though it had been with us forever.  Yet it is a relatively young image for us.

From looking down on Earth from space, many astronauts have had an experience that has been called the Overview Effect.  It is a  sense of awe and sudden understanding as they see the relationship of all things on the planet to one another and how little protects us from the harshness of space.  They sense that we are all interconnected and all actions effect the whole.

It is a  mind-altering view.

There is a website called the Daily Overview that has a film  that, with the help of several astronauts, t describes the Overview Effect .  The website also  features striking shots of Earth taken from satellites on a daily basis.   Most of the images are of man’s transformation of the environment , some startling in the way they scar the face of our planet and others with a highly patterned beauty.  I have always been attracted to overviews of the landscape, to take that different perspective, so this is a natural for me.  I believe this is as close to being an astronaut than I will ever be.  Check out their site to see many, many more views.

Daily Overview -boca-raton-florida-from-above-aerial-satellite Daily Overview -brondby-haveby-denmark-from-above-aerial-satellite Daily Overview -central-park-new-york-city-from-above-aerial-satellite Daily Overview vineyards-in-huelva-spain-from-above-aerial-satellite

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