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Rhiannon GiddensWell, it’s time for Sunday morning music.  I don’t keep up with music as closely as I once did.  My mind is occupied in different ways these days and I tend to hold on to music and artists that I know, only stepping outside my comfort zone occasionally to seek something new– at least new for me.  Sometimes I just stumble across it.  Such is the case with Rhiannon Giddens.

I caught a short segment with this musician who hails from Greensboro, North Carolina on last week’s CBS Sunday Morning and was instantly transfixed by the performances they featured.  I’ve listened to a number of tracks from her throughout the week and have yet to come across one that didn’t just sail on the strength of her voice.  Just a wonderful talent.

She is a graduate of the Oberlin Conservatory where she studied opera so you might think she would be singing classical pieces but she works mainly in the field of folk and traditional music, playing both the violin and banjo.  But even those two fields can’t contain her.  I can’t imagine any genre in which she couldn’t stand out.  She does a version of La Vie En Rose in French that is absolutely beautiful and her cover of She’s Got You almost comes up to the level of the epic original from Patsy Cline.

I am a little embarrassed that it took me so long to come across Rhiannon Giddens.  I guess I should start paying more attention.  Who knows what other great talents I have been missing?  Here’s a version of the song Waterboy that I think is a tour de force and below it is the CBS Sunday Morning segment that features a little more about her.  Great stuff.

Have a great Sunday…

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Michael CaineI saw a short piece on the news-magazine show CBS Sunday Morning that profiled actor Michael Caine.  I have always liked Caine and many of his movies, although I sometimes question some of his choices.  The interesting part was when they pointed out how many of his 60’s era movies have had modern remakes.  Alfie, The Italian Job, Get Carter and several more have all been subjected to an updated retelling.  All fell short of the originals.

Caine said he didn’t understand why a moviemaker would want to remake a successful, well made film.  To his mind it made more sense to find a movie that had flopped but had a good storyline and remake that.  His Dirty Rotten Scoundrels was such a case, having been a flop, with another name,  starring Marlon Brando.

This kind of reinforced what I had mentioned in my Saturday post about The Ten Commandments where I talked about how modern moviemakers remake a classic film with new people and the newest technology and deliver films with more realism but less entertainment value.  They can never recreate the chemistry required to make a film  work. They forget that movies are about people first.  All the greatest cinematic technology and attention to detail mean nothing if the viewer can’t make some type of connection with the characters.  This human element is somehow overlooked by modern moviemakers.  

Like painting, all the technical prowess in the world means nothing if people can’t feel attachment to the work. 

I just thought it was an interesting point to think over while I’m waiting for them to remake Casablanca.  I hear they’re going to cast Matthew McConaughey to take over Bogart’s Rick character.

Just kidding- I hope…

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