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Up early listening to old jazz. It puts an image of high contrast black and white films in my mind. Rainy night street scenes from a 1950’s NYC. Neon lights reflecting on dirty puddles. Brakes lights from rows of cabs glowing and steam rising. A rich stew of smells, alternating from sweet aroma to stench. People with their heads down, scurrying through the bustle of light and dark, roars and rhythms.

Lots of raw energy buoyed by the possibility of self-invention. Images that create an odd sense of romance.

Here’s an example. The classic Moanin’ from jazz legend Charles Mingus. Keep up the energy and have a good Saturday.

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Jeff Beck Wired LP cover 1976I’m feeling quiet this morning with little to say.  But it is Sunday morning and time for a bit of music so I thought I’d fill with something quiet, in its own way.  Something I haven’t heard for some time.  I dug around a bit and came across such a track from guitarist Jeff Beck and his 1976 LP Wired.  I always loved this album cover.This was a pretty big album at the time,  letting Beck take his massive rock-based guitar on a journey into the electronic jazz world of the 1970’s.  It’s an album that I listened to quite often but one that eventually dropped off my playlist for some reason. Not really sure why but I am always happy to hear something from it again.

Here’s his treatment of the Charles Mingus classic Goodbye Pork Pie Hat.  Quiet enough for this Sunday morning.

Have a great Sunday..


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