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Elvis CostelloHad the opportunity to take a short break from my show prep and venture up to Ithaca last night where we met a longtime friend to see Elvis Costello at the State Theater  there.  He has been doing a solo tour with just him and his guitars, a wonderful mix of acoustic versions of some hits and some other chestnuts.  Of course, with such a long recording career, there were songs that were omitted from his show because of time limitations.  For me, I missed Almost Blue and a few others.  But the show was so engaging that they weren’t sorely missed as Elvis was in fine form, seeming to really enjoy his performance before a very rapt  audience.

One of my favorite songs of the evening was not one of his own distinctive songs but a classic pop song from the 1930’s, Walkin’ My Baby Back Home.  Here’s a version of him doing this song that I was able to find thanks to YouTube.  Enjoy and have a great weekend!


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Out of Bounds with Tish PearlmanLast week I went to REP Studio in Ithaca to record a radio interview with Tish Pearlman for her Out of Bounds show.  It’s a show that airs on several public radio stations around the country and features the affable and inquisitive Pearlman sitting down with people from a wide range of backgrounds with a purpose “to forge understanding among people of diverse backgrounds through thoughtful, in-depth conversations that educate and enlighten.”    Pearlman has been doing this show since 2005 and has featured interviews with many national and regional  figures, all of which can be found archived on the show’s website.  It’s a pretty impressive list that has many names that will be familiar to many of you.  So I was surprised, and honored, when she invited me to sit in for an interview.

Our half hour passed in the blink of an eye with Tish asking questions about my work and technique, as well as inquiring as to how I came to painting which is a story familiar to those of you who read this blog regularly or have came to one of my gallery talks.  Beyond that, my memory of what I said is a blur.  I can only hope that I was somewhat coherent and didn’t make a fool of myself.

When the session ended,  Tish clapped her hands and said that it had went really well and asked how I felt about it.  I said I was pleased but knew that, based on past experiences, that I would be beating myself up in the car on the way home, second-guessing what I had said and what I hadn’t said.  Every time I do an opening or a talk, I inevitably go through this process of regretful recollection , wishing I had made a point or agonizing over something that just didn’t come out right or over not being able to speak with someone who was in attendance.  Or that I just came off as some sort of jerk or pompous twit.

She said that I surely wouldn’t do that over this interview and I laughed and said that I knew that I would.  And, of course,  I did.

But my recollection of the interview is a very pleasant one.  Tish has an easy, friendly manner that puts you at ease and you begin to forget that you are in a small room with a microphone in front of you instead of a comfortable  living room having a pleasant conversation.  Of course, it’s a one-sided conversation.  I actually wish I had been able to ask her about some of her interviews and some of the people behind them.  I bet she has some great insights.

The show will air on the following channels:

Thursdays at 7pm WEOS-FM (NY)
Sundays at 11:30am WSKG-FM (NY)
Fridays at 3:30pm on WRNC-FM (WI)
Wednesdays at 11am on KKRN-FM (CA)
I believe that all of the channels have a live online stream for the show.  I know that WEOS-FM  and WSKG-FM do stream  the show.  I am not positive about the channels in Wisconsin or California.  And if you miss it, the interview will be on the Out of Bounds site within a month or two.
Thanks, Tish, for the opportunity to speak with you.  It was a pleasure and an honor.

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