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Jigsaw Planet- Early Riser GC MyersI was going through some older posts from this blog when I came across a couple that featured some of my paintings on the website Jigsaw Planet.  It’s a site that allows viewers to either choose from a large group of puzzles or to upload their own images and create jigsaw puzzles that they can assemble on their screens.  It’s an interesting diversion.

For me, the interest comes in seeing my colors and forms deconstructed, getting to see them in singular bits that allow me to examine their texture and depth away from their normal surroundings.  I am sometimes surprised, mostly pleasantly so, by what I see.  And, despite having an advantage in knowing these painting intimately, I still struggle at some points in putting them back together– mainly because I find myself just examining the individual pieces for an extended period of time

So this morning I went to a page on the Jigsaw Planet site from a regular reader of this blog who goes by the moniker TheWOL ( and who also writes a blog called The Owl Undergound) and has posted a number of my paintings there.  There were a couple of new paintings that are featured in my upcoming June show at the Principle Gallery so I thought I’d share one with you today.  It’s Early Riser which you can see in full at the bottom and in partial reconstruction above.

If you want to try your hand at figuring out the puzzle of this painting or any of the others TheWOL has posted, click here.

DSCN1667  sm 2

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Jigsaw Planet Resolution Bay GC MyersI had a comment from someone this morning that mentioned a post from a couple of years back about a site that used my images for online jigsaws.  Coincidentally, someone had asked me at the opening of my show about the possibility of using my art on a puzzle and I had told them about this same site. I hadn’t thought of this site for the longest time.

Called Jigsaw Planet, it allows users to upload any image and create an online puzzle that they can work on their computer screen.  They are not as difficult as some of the larger normal puzzles in that the largest puzzle only has 300 pieces but it has its own challenges. Some are broken into angular shards that makes matching the shapes quite a bit more difficult.

Just for fun, I put up several pieces from the Layers show now hanging at the West End Gallery.  Click here or on the image at the top to go to the site. It’s a pleasant little diversion.  By the way, the image at the top is Resolution Bay,shown below.

GC Myers- Resolution Bay 72 sm

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When I was first notified of this by a reader the other day, I wasn’t sure how I should feel.  Should I be upset over the use of my images in this way or should I feel flattered?  I really didn’t know.  What I’m talking about is a site called Jigsaw Planet that features photos and artwork uploaded by users and transformed into online jugsaw puzzles.  Going to their site, I found seventeen of my paintings among the many there, as well as quite a few other images taken from my blog.

I spent a few minutes looking at the site, doodling around with some of the puzzles just to see how they worked.  While part of me was concerned with the unauthorized use of my images, the whole thing seemed innocent enough and kind of fun to play with.    In the end, I am flattered that somebody liked these images enough to want to spend their time doing  jigsaws of them. Besides, I have allowed a great deal of my imagery to enter the cyberworld and have seen it used in less flattering  ways.  There are definitely worse things than seeing my work on an online jigsaw puzzle.

 By the way, the puzzle at the top of the blog is this painting, Soul Lights.  Try one– you might like it.

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