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I have been enjoying the films I’ve been sharing lately featuring the work of some of my favorite artists. It sometimes gives me a wider view of their body of work, giving me glimpse at lesser known pieces alongside their greatest hits while listening to music that often fits the tone of the work.

Today’s pick was an easy one for me.  It’s a lovely compilation of the work of Andrew Wyeth set to the gorgeous guitar of John Williams‘ version of British composer Stanley Myers’ Cavatina. You might recognize the song from its prominent place in the film The Deer Hunter.

Andrew Wyeth would have been 100 years old in 2017 and to mark the occasion, the Fenimore Museum in Cooperstown has an exhibit opening in May that celebrates the life and work of Wyeth. It is curated by his granddaughter, Victoria Wyeth, and includes many items from his personal collection. It is on my to do list.

Anyway, enjoy this beautiful group of paintings and the music that accompanies it. I am off to work, happier for having watched this short film this morning.

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The show opened at the West End Gallery last night and went pretty well.  Nice crowd. 

Some surprises, like writer Alicja Mann and her husband, David, showing up unexpectedly.  The opening coincided with their annual trip between their home in Tucson, Arizona and their summer place in Cape Cod so they drove quite a bit out of their way to surprise me.  Alicja, as I wrote  about in this blog, had used one of my paintings for the cover of her book of essays, Looking At The World Twice.  She told me the book had recently won a prestigious award, the Glyph,  for best cover design from the Arizona Book Publishing Association.  She was extremely thrilled and proud to have such an honor bestowed and allowed me to share a bit of her  excitement. 

I had never met Alicja personally nor was I expecting her appearance at the gallery so I was very surprised when she introduced herself.  It was a real pleasure meeting her and David and we had a wonderful conversation during and after the show.  Many thanks to both of them and may their trip up to the Cape be safe.

Anyway, I’m taking a little time this morning to mull over the events last night so I’m just going to have a bit of music.  How about Cavatina from guitarist John Williams?  Some of you may remember it as the de facto theme of the movie, The Deer Hunter.  Just a lovely piece of music…

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