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jack-white-lazaretto-youtube-music-video-shadow-2014It’s Sunday morning here in the studio and I am a little charged up, eager to get at some work on my painting table and on the easel that are near that point where they take off on their own.  So I am going to be brief with my music selection for this Sunday morning.  It’s Lazaretto from Jack White.  It has the kind of fiery energy that I want to carry with me this morning.

FYI, the word lazaretto refers to quarantine stations of all sorts– ships, islands, even leper colonies.  It derives from the name of of the biblical Lazarus and has been used around the globe as denoting those places where travelers– if in the case of slaves and refugees they can be described as travelers– are isolated until they are determined to be free of disease.  This song is White’s imagining of what might be going through the mind of such a traveler. Not sure if the imagery in the video has anything to do with this but it keeps you interested for the most part.

Anyway, time for me to charge onward.  Give a listen if you need a little boost this morning and have a great Sunday.

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