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Fran Jeffries Meglio Stasera The Pink PantherWe got in last night just before 9 PM and I saw that the movie The Pink Panther had come on TCM at 8 PM.  That meant that we were just in time for the song Meglio Stasera which appears in the film about an hour in.  There are scenes from some movies that I always try to see even if I can’t watch the whole film, scenes that capture some deep emotion in the film or at least make me smile every time.  This is one of those.  Another is Dick Shawn as the hipster LSD in The Producers when he sings Love Power.

The funny thing about this scene is that it does nothing for the movies story line, doesn’t move the story ahead in any direction.  It is simply a musical interlude meant to entertain.  And it does that very well, at least for me.

Meglio Stasera, which translates as It Had Better Be Tonight, was written by Henry Mancini who wrote all of the music for the soundtrack including, of course, the hugely famous Pink Panther theme.  The alluring Fran Jeffries performs the song in a European ski chalet setting with a cast of early 60’s euro-jet set types dancing along as the song progresses.  I always watch for the end when she is joined by a lady in a golden boots, a shimmery jumpsuit and a stacked hairdo that makes her look like she could be David Bowie’s or at least Ziggy Stardust‘s mother.

Anyway, I thought this would be a good pick for some Sunday music.  Hope you enjoy.  Have a great Sunday!

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The Producers 1968There are different scenes in different movies that I’ve come to know when they fall in the film’s timeline, so much so that I will tune in at just the moment the scene I enjoy most appears.

One of my favorites is a scene from Mel Brooks’ The Producers, the 1968 original, not the newer and far inferior remake.  The original is a great piece of comedy with great performances from Zero Mostel, Gene Wilder, Kenneth Mars (all shown in the photo above) as well as the rest of the cast.

dick shawn as LSDBut the scene I tune in for, even if I don’t have time to watch the whole film, is the one where they are auditioning actors for the cast of their ill-fated Springtime For Hitler and Dick Shawn appears onstage as Lorenzo St. DuBois – LSD.

In his audition he does a great song, a very period piece, called Love Power backed by a female band reminiscent of Robert Palmer’s Addicted to Love.  Shawn’s delivery, costume and dance make me laugh every time I see it.

See if it does the same for you…

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