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Follow Your PathI use the path or trail often in my pieces as a metaphor for the paths we follow in our own lives.  Sometimes the trail winds through wide open plains and sometimes it leads to a break in the forest.  This symbolizes, to me at least, the breakthrough moment that is there for anyone awake enough to see.  An epiphany perhaps.  A moment of grace.  I think we all have these moments where our paths ahead become clearer, more evident, and we realize that maybe we do have missions to accomplish here on Earth.  Some may be smaller than others but all are important.  

The trees in the piece shown here, Follow Your Path, always remind me of an ancient Hittite belief that trees grow from the center of the Earth and grow out and support the sky.  I see them that way in my works, as structural supports.

Follow Your Path is an 8″ by 16″ canvas and is also part of my upcoming show, Now…, at the Haen Gallery in Asheville, NC, opening November 22.

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