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barack-hope-poster1   There are very few days in our lives when we realize that there is history of great magnitude occurring before our very eyes.  It is awe-inspiring to see the throngs of voters converging on the polls with steely-eyed determination, willing to stand hours so that history will not be denied.  I’m sure each has their own individual motivation but most simply desire a change in our leadership that insures and affirms the fairness and promise of  possibility in our country.

You see, the magic of America has always been about possibility.

Eugene Robinson wrote a wonderful article in  today’s Washington Post that speaks of this:

“For African Americans, at least those of us old enough to have lived through the civil rights movement, this is nothing short of mind-blowing. It’s disorienting, and it makes me see this nation in a different light.

You see, I remember a time of separate and unequal schools, restrooms and water fountains — a time when black people were officially second-class citizens. I remember moments when African Americans were hopeful and excited about the political process, and I remember other moments when most of us were depressed and disillusioned. But I can’t think of a single moment, before this year, when I thought it was within the realm of remote possibility that a black man could be nominated for president by one of the major parties — let alone that he would go into Election Day with a better-than-even chance of winning.

Let me clarify: It’s not that I would have calculated the odds of an African American being elected president and concluded that this was unlikely; it’s that I wouldn’t even have thought about such a thing.”

One new possibility becoming reality opens a door to an open and endless plain of possibility.  And that is all we ask–for a door to open.  Get out there and stand in line.  Vote.

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