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In the days after a show there is an inevitable letdown, a short time when it takes a few tries and more effort before normalcy returns and you start taking on tasks with full vigor.  I think this has to do with having been focused for a period of time on a specific goal, in this case the Haen Gallery show and suddenly that goal is gone and past.  So a new goal must be set and things that have been put aside in order to achieve the previous goal must be done.  

So I’m puttering around, prepping a few commission pieces and trying to rev my engine.  But it’s gray and damp outside and all the tunes that come on seem sad and bittersweet.  This is always how it feels after a show has passed for me.  Not good nor bad, just different.  Slower…

This song came on and seemed to fit the mood.  I looked for a video of it and sure enough, there it was.  This is I Never Really Cared For You by Willie Nelson, backed by Emmylou Harris.  Enjoy…

Note::   After I added this video, it was pulled from embedding which means it won’t show here on the page.  To see it on youtube, click here.

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Asheville: After the Show

Well, I’m back from several days in Asheville where my show opened on Saturday.  While it’s always great to attend the show and meet with the folks who turn up to see the work, it’s always a relief to be back home and to be here in the studio today.  I am a creature of habit and to be out of the studio for more than a day or so is always a little stressful.  So, I’m back in my comfort zone now…

Haen Gallery November 2008The show at the Haen Gallery started with a short gallery talk that had a pretty good crowd.  With gallery talks, you can never tell how many people will show up so I was pleasantly surprised by the turnout.  I gave a brief rundown of how I came to painting and spoke a bit about some of the themes present in the work.  The best part for me is when the audience starts to ask questions because there’s something more personal in answering a question from someone.  Lots of questions and very good ones, at that.  It was a pretty easy crowd to work with and I enjoyed my time in front of them. Hope they did as well.

  The show itself hangs very well together.  The Haen is a very large and striking space and can sometimes overwhelm smaller pieces but I think the work’s deep colors and contrasts filled the space well.  From an artist’s standpoint, it’s always a thrill to be in a space where you can sometimes have views of your work from 50 or 60 feet back in an expansive space.  It casts a much different perspective on the work than being in the studio.Before the Show with Katrina (left) and Rick (right)

 There was a pretty good crowd throughout the evening and I had an opportunity to speak with many of them.  There was also entertainment from a guitar/banjo duo playing traditional Mountain music.  I’m sorry to have forgotten their names but I enjoyed their playing very much.  Many folks I had met in the past,  such as Laurel Winter, and many were new to my work.  There were several young artists including Ronnie Beets, an interesting fellow who was seeking a little advice on getting his work out to people.  He seems very serious and dedicated in his painting and you can check out his work at his site by clicking on his name.

All in all, it was a pleasure being in Asheville.  Many thanks to gallery owner Chris Foley, his wife Christine and gallery manager Carol Bonds for all their efforts in making the show come about.  And many thanks to all who showed up Saturday.  It is deeply appreciated.

For those who couldn’t make it, stop in and take a look and say hello to Chris and Carol.

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