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“A Time For Leaving”- At the Principle Gallery, Alexandria, VA

My famous last words
Could never tell the story
Spinning unheard
In the dark of the sky

–If This Is Goodbye, Mark Knopfler

I don’t feel like saying much today so let’s move right on to the music selection for this Sunday morning. I wanted something to fit with the painting above. A Time For Leaving, which is headed down to the Principle Gallery for their upcoming small works show. I went through a lot of music but nothing jumped out at me.

There were two finalists in my mind. One was from the wonderful collaboration between Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris, If This Is Goodbye. The other was a track, Leaving the Table, from Leonard Cohen‘s great final album, You Want It Darker. Both did the job for me so I decided to share both.

If you’d like, give a listen. If not, move on. Either way, try to have a peaceful day.

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In the days after a show there is an inevitable letdown, a short time when it takes a few tries and more effort before normalcy returns and you start taking on tasks with full vigor.  I think this has to do with having been focused for a period of time on a specific goal, in this case the Haen Gallery show and suddenly that goal is gone and past.  So a new goal must be set and things that have been put aside in order to achieve the previous goal must be done.  

So I’m puttering around, prepping a few commission pieces and trying to rev my engine.  But it’s gray and damp outside and all the tunes that come on seem sad and bittersweet.  This is always how it feels after a show has passed for me.  Not good nor bad, just different.  Slower…

This song came on and seemed to fit the mood.  I looked for a video of it and sure enough, there it was.  This is I Never Really Cared For You by Willie Nelson, backed by Emmylou Harris.  Enjoy…

Note::   After I added this video, it was pulled from embedding which means it won’t show here on the page.  To see it on youtube, click here.

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