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ClashCame into the studio this morning and when I sat down to write something for the blog, I kept having the chorus from London Calling , the great song from the Clash, running through my head.  It’s not what I normally experience early in the morning so I figured it must be from catching part of a documentary on the life of the late Clash frontman Joe Strummer recently.

Interesting life.  Interesting guy.

The documentary really captured the spirit that drove 70’s British punk and has had me revisiting Clash music all week in my head.  I generally focus on m favorites from the album London Calling.  It was a grand album with wide and varied subject matter and sound.  And a great cover that was based on one of the classic Elvis albums of the 50’s except with the photo above in place of the King.  Just good stuff.

I’m showing two clips of two of my favorites from the LP today.  The first is The Right Profile which is about the late actor Montgomery Clift and Spanish Bombs which concerns itself with the Spanish civil war of the 1930’s.  They never wrote just simple love songs…

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