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994-305 Given to the Wind

I came across this piece in my archives from several years back with a title, Given to the Wind,  that I’ve used on a couple of paintings over the years.  The composition is also similar in it’s basic design to a number of pieces of mine, particularly from the time that this piece was completed, around 2004.

I’ve overlooked this painting a number of times when I’ve been scanning my records, not giving it  much mind.  Maybe the shape and ratio of it in my thumbnails didn’t allow me to see it as well as I would like.  But yesterday when I came across this, it was like seeing it for the first time, which for me is an odd thing.  I was really pleased with it, really felt it had a fullness, a sense of completion in all ways.  It was one of those pieces that didn’t stand out in my memory and didn’t live with me very long, having sold very quickly at a gallery, yet when I saw it made me very proud to call it my work.

I don’t know what I’m trying to say with this.  Sometimes I stumble upon something I’ve forgotten and am pleased to discover that it’s mine, pleased that it’s out there somewhere in someone else’s life.  I hope they are as pleased with this as I am.

Given that there is a guitar in this piece, I suppose I’ll have a little Monday music.  This is Red Clay Halo from one of my favorites, Gillian Welch. As she says, it’s a song about dirt.  I’ve always fancied myself a dirt man so this fits, although the clay around here is stony gray.

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