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GC Myers 2009I had a little glitch today and wasn’t able to post anything earlier.  It seems in an earlier post I had written about how I was missing the work of cartoonist Gary Larson and his wonderful  The Far Side series.  In doing so, I had illustrated my post with four of his cartoons that I had found at other blogs and websites online.

Even though I was effusive in my praise of the work, this was a breach of Mr. Larson’s copyrights.  The people in the syndicate that represents his work contacted WordPress and effectively froze my blog.  I was finally able to once again use my blog after deleting the images.

I should know better.

I was surprised at the long arm of his protective team, never thinking I was doing any harm or violating anyone’s rights.  But they ferreted me out, among the millions and millions of sites out there.


Anyway, I’m on the right side of the law.  At least for today.  We’ll see about  tomorrow.  Stay tuned…

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