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In an effort to raise money to aid the victims of the earthquake in Haiti this week, I started an auction yesterday on this site.  I offered a painting of mine,Proclamation, a 12″ by 16″ framed piece valued at $1400, to the highest bidder, with the bidding to end at 12 noon EST, Tuesday, January 19.  The high bidder will receive free shipping and insurance for the painting, a dedication honoring them on the back of the piece, a signed copy of my book and, most importantly, 125% ( 100% of their bid plus an additional 25% from me) of their winning bid to go to the relief effort of their choice.

That means that for every $1.00  you bid,  $1.25  will be donated. This way, you can increase the effectiveness of your charitable donation and receive a painting.

I have put forth several options to choose from, including Americares, Red Cross International Relief, Yele ( a Haitian based relief organization) and Habitat For Humanity, which has a long history of aid to Haiti.  There are other organizations as well, if you so choose, including Mercy Corps, Oxfam, Unicef and Doctors Without Borders.  The important thing is to get support to these organizations and have them well stocked as they hit the ground in Haiti.  This is a dire situation for these people and anything we can do is vital to their survival in the near future.

Bidding can be done through the comments section below or if anonymity is desired, by e-mailing me at info@gcmyers.com .

The Current High Bid For Proclamation (shown above) is $ 1500.00

Because of the initial success of this auction and a desire to raise as much money for this effort as possible, I am offering two more paintings with the same offer as listed above with bidding to also end at 12 noon, Tuesday the 19th.

The first is a painting title Archaeology: The New Phoenix (shown to the left) and is an 8″ by 16″ framed canvas with a value of $1450. At first I was hesitant to offer this piece as it might be construed as insensitive as it depicts the remains of a past civilization buried under layers of earth.  But the thought behind this piece is actually about survival and rebirth from the earth, concepts that will be crucial to the rebirth of Haiti.  It is actually anything but insensitive.


The Current High Bid for Archaeology:The New Phoenix is $1000


The final painting to be up for bid to aid Haiti is from my Red Roof series and is titled, fittingly, New Day of Hope.  It is a 6″ by 10″ painting on paper, matted and framed under glass in a 16″x 20″ frame.  It has a value of $1000.

The Current High Bid

for New Day of Hope is $500.00

I think this piece , as well as both of the other paintings above, speaks directly to the concerns and hopes that many hold for the suffering people of Haiti. They will have much to overcome in the coming days and if we, as a generous people, can offer them a glimmer hope, we should do so.

So, if you wish to help, please bid and I will be honored to have my painting live with you for your generosity.  If you wish to help but don’t want to bid, donate what you can to one of the organizations that I spoke of that are hitting the ground in Haiti with desperately needed immediate  relief.

It’s the right thing to do…

Note: Please specify which painting on which you wish your bid to be applied.

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