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Many thanks to everyone who participated over the last few days and congratulations to the three high bidders.  Hopefully, their generosity will make a difference in Haiti and help the people of that country back on their feet after suffering such a devastating blow.

This money will help but so will every small donation.  This is going to be an effort that will take a great deal of time and money to get the survivors to a point where they are once again leading somewhat normal lives.  Thank you so much for everyone who understands this and realizes that a real difference can be made if we act together.

The Results are:

“Proclamation” –    $1500   Eliza S.

“Archaeology: The New Phoenix”  – $1000  Denny S.

“New Day of Hope”  – $500  G. Edwards

That comes to a nice neat sum of $3000.  On top of that is an additional $1000 from a friend who wishes to remain anonymous, bringing the sum to $4000.  As promised, I am adding 25% to the bids as well as the anonymous gift which comes out to an additional $ 1000.


After confirming the bids and the chosen organizations with the winning bidders, I will disclose where this money has been donated.

Again, thank you to everyone who contributed and try to keep this spirit of generosity alive throughout the year.

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Well, the deadline for bids, 12 noon EST today, in this auction of three of my paintings is nearing.  All proceeds will go to the relief organization of the high bidder’s choice , as described below.

Thus far, the results have surpassed my original hope for this effort. Bids to this point total almost $3000 and a very generous donor who wishes to remain anonymous has contributed $1000.  With the addition of the 25% that I pledged, this puts the total at nearly $5000. With the ability of these relief organizations to multiply the effect of monetary donations, this money may have a significant effect on a number of earthquake victims.

Here’s how it goes:  If you wish to participate, you can bid on any of the paintings shown by bidding in the Comments section below or by e-mailing me at info@gcmyers.com . Bidding closes today, Tuesday January 19th, at 12 noon EST.

Please make bids at least $25 above the current high bid.

The winning bidder receives:

*   Their choice of what organization receives the donation. For every $1.00 bid, a donation of $1.25 will be made — your donation provides 125% of effective support. Confirmation of donation to the organization of your choice will be provided.

*    The painting they have bid on, shipped and insured without cost to them.  The painting will be dedicated on its back to the winning bidder.

*    A signed copy of my book.

*    The satisfaction of knowing they have tried to make a difference.

So, if you wish to participate, please bid, and if you can’t, pass this along to someone you  know who may be interested.



12″ by 16″  on canvas/ Value $1400

Current High Bid——- $ 1500

Current High Bidder– Eliza Schissel


“Archaeology: The New Phoenix

8″ by 16″ on canvas/ Value $1450

Current High Bid——— $ 1000

Current High Bidder–  Denny Springmann


“New Day of Hope”

6″ by 10″ image on paper/ 16″ by 20″ frame/ Value $ 1000

Current High Bid———$ 500

Current High Bidder-   G. Edwards


Maximum Bid  To Be Accepted-  $10,000.00

Thank You!  Good Luck!

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