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House of the Rising Sun

It’s Saturday and I find myself running late with several things to do.  But I do have a song running through my head this morning, the version of  the venerable The House of the Rising Sun from The Animals.  If we all had soundtracks to our lives, this would be a song that would be part of mine.  I played the single hundreds of times on our old console.  The Animals had a different feel, despite the awful photo from this album cover,  than many of the groups from the 1960’s.  Eric Burdon was not the glamour boy that you would see on many of the other bands and his voice, while distinct, was hardly the best.   Many of their songs had a darker edge that seemed light years away from much of the other music that filled the radiowaves at that time.  There was always the sense of rebellion around their music.  They were the type of group that made parents a little uncomfortable and that  made them all the more attractive.

This is a pretty interesting version with pretty high quality filming with a widescreen cinematic feel, something you didn’t see in a lot of rock videos of the time.

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