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Breaking Light

This 18″ by 18″  painting is a continuation of the new work I’ve been featuring here the past few weeks, work that highlights the clouds in the sky above.  Most have been very upbeat, almost jubilant, in their feel but this one has a darker tone underneath, accentuated by the second layer of dark blue cloud silhouettes through which the light breaks.  This creates a pool of light, a bit of breaking hope,  in the center surrounded by the dark clouds.

The deep red of the field in the foreground also adds a foreboding quality to this piece, creating a dark contrast to the lighter fields in the middleground.  It also provides a strong, earthy foundation on which the entire composition rests, creating a real sense of strength for me in the whole piece.

This piece feels more contemplative, more introverted, than the other recent cloud pieces, even though there is a lot of color and activity in the composition.  There is still a naive quality but it is not exuberantly optimistic.  It is more guarded in its optimism, wavering in its own absolute belief in anything.  Almost wary and questioning of the breaking light, as though not sure it is a lasting hope.

I keep finding more to say about this piece as I look at it but I think I should just let it say what it will without my words.

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