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This is a new piece, a 24″ by 30″ canvas,  that I recently completed.  It’s a very dense painting, filled with a lot of compositional elements and deep colors.   Far from some of my more sparse landscapes, there seems to be a lot going on here visually but I think that there is still a great sense of quietude and stillness in this piece.  Perhaps this is captured in the darkness of the sky with the brighter light of the sun breaking over the distant hills.

There’s something I really like in this piece that I can’t put my finger on at the moment.  There’s a certain earnestness in it that I find attractive.  Maybe earnest is not the right word.  Unaffected innocence?  Naive?  Uncynical? I don’t know.  This is one of those many times when I find myself struggling to describe what I see in a piece. 

The one word that does come to mind is unwavering.  I don’t know if I see that in the context of unwavering innocence or unwavering belief but there is a quality of solidness in this painting that brings up the word.  Steadfast.  Assured of what it is and its place in the world.  Unpretentious.

You know, for a piece that I describe as possibly naive and earnest, I’m having a hell of a time capturing how I’m seeing it.  Any help?

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