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When I was first notified of this by a reader the other day, I wasn’t sure how I should feel.  Should I be upset over the use of my images in this way or should I feel flattered?  I really didn’t know.  What I’m talking about is a site called Jigsaw Planet that features photos and artwork uploaded by users and transformed into online jugsaw puzzles.  Going to their site, I found seventeen of my paintings among the many there, as well as quite a few other images taken from my blog.

I spent a few minutes looking at the site, doodling around with some of the puzzles just to see how they worked.  While part of me was concerned with the unauthorized use of my images, the whole thing seemed innocent enough and kind of fun to play with.    In the end, I am flattered that somebody liked these images enough to want to spend their time doing  jigsaws of them. Besides, I have allowed a great deal of my imagery to enter the cyberworld and have seen it used in less flattering  ways.  There are definitely worse things than seeing my work on an online jigsaw puzzle.

 By the way, the puzzle at the top of the blog is this painting, Soul Lights.  Try one– you might like it.

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