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There’s a wonderful site to which I  subscribe , PhotoBotos.com, which blogs a remarkable photo each day.  From all parts of the world, most are spectacular shots and I always look forward to seeing what each new day’s offering will be.  Today’s was not a disappointment.  Called Soulside Journey, it is a shot of epic feel taken in the Cerce Valley of the French Alps by photographer Alexandre Deschaumes.  Just an amazing sight.

It made me want to see more of Deschaumes’ work and to learn a bit more about him.  Doing just a bit of research, I discover that he is a self-taught photographer who has been gaining acclaim in recent years for his stunning and emotionally charged shots of natural landscapes.  There is a nice online interview on the site Photography Office  that has Mr. Deschaumes stating: I find my inspiration in my hope and fears, through a simple mix of elegant curves , line and color harmony

I could very much sum up my own artistic philosophy in this simple sentence.  It makes me empathize very much with Mr. Deschaumes artistic vision and journey.  Going to his own site , which is filled with a vast number of his imagery, it’s easy to find many that speak to some of those same deep inner emotions that I seek in my own work.  Just plain good stuff.

I also found the lovely high-def film shown below from filmmaker Mathieu Le Lay that shows Deschaumes at work in the wild, trotting among some beautifully shot settings.  Gorgeous color.  Worth a look on a Sunday morning…

Alexandre Deschaumes – The Quest for Inspiration | Demo 2011 from Mathieu Le Lay on Vimeo.

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