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This tryptych , Golden Time, is part of my solo exhibit, In Rhythm,  currently hanging at the West End Gallery in Corning, NY.  I’m doing a gallery talk there today at noon where I will talk about this painting and many of the other pieces in this show.  I will also talk about my upcoming exhibit at the Fenimore Art Museum as well as any other subject that may arise.

I have talked a number of times on this blog about my gallery talks, about how they usually don’t have a set form and rely more on interaction with the audience.  Reacting to questions and comments sets the course of the talk, which I think both the audience and I find more appealing than a set lecture .  It gives the talk an organic feel, something I also try to find in my own paintings.

Of course, there are stories that are my old standards that I have to tell for those who aren’t familiar with my work or how I came to it.  How a fall from a ladder turned into a career.  What the story is behind the Red Tree and the Red Chair.  How I ended up showing my work at the West End, the first place to display it.  These standards round out the body of the talk, giving it fullness.  But for me the best part of these talks are the questions that I have to really struggle to answer, questions that I couldn’t foresee in the run-up to the talk.  These give me a chance to sometimes find a new perspective on what I am doing, to see the work with new eyes.  I can’t tell you how exciting that is for me to see new things or re-see old things in a new way in my work.  I often come away with a renewed vigor which carries me for quite some time in the studio.

So, if you can make it to the West End Gallery today, stop in and ask away.  Maybe we will both hear something new that we can take away with us.

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