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I wasn’t going to post anything today but there was this photo on a site  to which I subscribe, PhotoBotos.com, from photographer Nima Moghim.  It was of the tracks of the metro line in Dubai.  It is  an image of converging lines and stark tones that is at once both wonderful and terrifying.  It has a feeling that is devoid of anything natural besides the beautiful curve of the lines as they race towards each other in the distance.

Moghim’s own description of the photo only enhances the dark, dystopian nature of the image:

I took this photo in Dubai metro in late spring of this year. When I am on the metro train and pass all of these modern life indices which have been arranged like the children logo in this new city, I asked myself where the end of this luxurious life is and whether we don’t get closer to the Apocalypse with progress. The following sentences are my statement to the “Apocalypse now “and my declaration for this photo: 

“Apocalypse now….the words which hear frequency at these days and we almost fear. But who takes us toward the Apocalypse ? Who melts the Antarctic ices? Who makes a frightful weapon such as HAARP instead of music? Who throws bomb on his head? Who pours oil in the dark depth of ground in the clear waters? Who leaves his kin at the bottom of well for gaining power? Who prepare the blood baths for the naïve people on the pretext of freedom? Who focus the best trade in the world on the weapon? Who ridicules his fellow citizen on the pretext of inspection? And who transgresses all ethical virtues on the pretext of modernization? All people on the modernity express train are directed to a great explosion and we don’t know where the end is, 2012 or the next thousands of years? God is very patient …..”

Sorry for such an unsettling photo on a Sumday morning in the summer but it was too intriguing to not pass along.  Awful beauty…

PS– The HAARP mentioned in his declaration stands for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, which is a US Military research project that deals with the ionosphere and has been called the Moby Dick of conspiracy theorists who claim it is responsible for all sorts of recent natural disasters.  It was new to me but you can read a bit by clicking the link above.

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