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Well, the exhibition of my paintings, Internal Landscapes: The Paintings of GC Myers, has been delivered and is being installed at the Fenimore Art Museum in Cooperstown for its opening on Saturday, August 18.   I’m experiencing levels of excitement and satisfaction, along with my normal anxiety, at the prospect of this show.  Who wouldn’t be excited at the prospect of showing their work in a beautiful world-class facility where your work will hang in close proximity to the great artists of the past?  It’s the goal of most artists to be allowed to show their work in such a setting, to feel the validation and atmosphere that the institution  offers.

I am no different.

It is also a marked point on the timeline of any artist, where they can pause for a moment from the constant creative push forward to reflect on the years leading up to it,  to once again examine all the steps (and missteps) that brought them to this point.

To look back on  the many  thousands of hours spent alone in the studio and feel as though they were well spent.

To think again about all the kind words of encouragement over the years from those who found something for themselves in the work, words that have served as creative nourishment.

To again see all the moments of serendipity that have occurred on the road to this point in time,  all the opportunities that  came unexpectedly, often at times when they were most needed.

To reflect on the many times that self-doubt threatened the personal voice that was forming and now shows in the work.  And how this doubt was overcome through a firm belief that the vision being followed was as real and as valid as any other artist’s.

I could go on but I won’t.  It is obviously a retrospective moment.  I can only hope that those who see the show will get a true sense of my work.  That will make this a successful show.  We shall see.

The show opens August 18 and hangs until December 31.  I will be giving a talk at the museum on November 7, from 12:30- 2:30  as part of their Food For Thought lecture series.

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