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Inward Bound

I am putting the finishing touches on the new group of paintings that make up my upcoming show at the Kada Gallery in Erie , PA, which opens on October 20th.  The name of the show is Inward Bound which is also the name of this new painting, a smaller piece at only 4″ by 7″ on paper.  I normally try to have a substantially larger painting than this as the title piece for a show but I really thought the title was perfect for both the show and this painting, regardless of size.

The title refers to an inner journey of discovery.  The Red Chair is facing symbolically inward, away from the broad expanse of night sky with the moon and stars, which represents the  reference points by which the ancients guided their travels.  But there are things in this world that can’t be found in all the lengthy expeditions in this world, things that must be  first uncovered within ourselves.  Wisdom.  Love.  These are not things that cannot be discovered in any outer travel unless one first looks inward.  It is sometimes easier to seek the external  simply because traveling inward  is the scariest trip that many of us will ever face.  It’s not an easy thing to face the absolute truth about our own reality, to stare down our own flaws and shortcomings.

But the rewards can be priceless.  For some it is wisdom,  a calmness  seated in the knowledge that they are completely at ease with who and where they are, inside and out.  And that’s what I see in this simple, small painting.

All aboard…

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