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After the Show

Well, the show, Inward Bound,  opened at the Kada Gallery  this past Saturday evening and , despite the rain that pelted Erie, some folks turned out.  Many thanks to all of those who showed up and to Kathy and Joe DeAngelo for the wonderful job they have done once again.  Kathy always hangs the work with such thought that each painting is shown to its very best advantage,  really making the group of paintings glow as a whole in the gallery.

The evening began with a gallery talk that kicked off the opening reception and my performance was a bit rocky, especially at the beginning.  I’ve done dozens of these talks over the years but I was somehow more nervous at the beginning of this talk than any other I can recall.  I don’t know why but it gave the talk a halting, stop-and-go feel that probably bothered me more than those in the audience who had not been to other talks.  As a result, I felt as though I missed touching on a number of points I had hoped to express.  I beat myself up a bit after the show for this but , in the grand scheme of things, my self-critique didn’t take away from  a lovely evening.

Again, many thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday.  It is most appreciated and it is always my pleasure to meet those who have found something to enjoy in my work.  I always come back to the studio inspired by some of the stories that are shared with me.  That’s one of the hidden perks of this job and one that might be my favorite. For that, I am truly thankful.

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