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I am always stunned by the photos sent back to us from our robotic spacecraft as they explore our solar system.  The sheer beauty and magnitude of these images really puts our own world into a different perspective, one that is humbling to say the least.  The vastness of these shots makes our personal concerns seem small and insignificant yet, at the same time, inspiring.There’s also an elegance to them that is so appealing.

I can’t explain this fully so early in the morning.

This photo from a few years back is one of my favorites.  Take from NASA“s  Cassini-Huygens craft which is exploring around Saturn, this image is like a beautifully constructed abstract painting with cool colors and stark geometry.  Beautiful.  The image consists of one of  Saturn‘s moons, Rhea with the gray atmosphere of Saturn acting as a backdrop.  The image is taken in a way that looks directly at the very edge of the rings of Saturn which creates the black band that cuts across the image.  The result is just a beautiful image, one that I find myself just staring at for long moments at a time while I consider how we fit into this vast puzzle.


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