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I had a good time  yesterday at a Food For Thought lecture at the Fenimore Art Museum where I was the speaker.   We first had a lovely luncheon in the museum’s Study Center, surrounded by cabinets full of artifacts from the fabulous Thaw Collection of American Indian Art, one of the prized collections of the museum and arguably the finest collection of  Native American art in the world.  I spoke briefly after the luncheon in the Study Center, filling in some biographical details, before we moved the talk up to the gallery  containing the show, where I continued the talk and fielded questions.

All in all, it went pretty well.  The attendees were wonderful and attentive, making me feel very welcome, and their questions and comments were insightful.  As always in the aftermath, I felt that I had omitted  crucial details. But I have come to the understanding that if I were to try to tell all the anecdotes and pass on all of the information about my work that  I’ve amassed over the years that these talks would never end.  I know that I wouldn’t like that and I can’t imagine anyone else who would.  That being said, I thought that yesterday’s talk went just about right  and I left feeling that most everyone found something enjoyable or informative in some part of the talk.  I sure hope so.

I have to extend some huge thanks here to a group of folks who made extraordinary efforts to come to the talk and to who I don’t think I can ever fully express my gratitude.  They all were owners of my paintings who had one ( or two, in one case) that were part of the show and had accepted my invitation to attend the event so that they might see their paintings in the lovely setting that the Fenimore affords.  All came from considerable distances and took valuable time from their lives to make the journey.   I would like to deeply thank Gary Tanigawa who traveled up from the Alexandria, VA area,  Dominique and Vince Haibach from Erie, PA and Loni Kula and her friend Mary Helen Olmstead  from the Corning area.  I am humbled and moved by your willingness to participate yesterday and can’t say “Thank You” enough.  I can only hope that you  found it worth the effort.

I must also thank  photographer Moira Law and friend ( whose name evades me this morning– I am so sorry!) who traveled down from Ottawa for the talk.  We have corresponded briefly over the last few years and it was wonderful to finally meet her and to talk for a bit.  Thank you so much for taking the time, Moira, and thanks to everyone who made time to attend  yesterday.  It was most appreciated.

And finally, thank you to Paul D’Ambrosio and the great staff  at the Fenimore Art Museum– Michelle Murdock, Maria Vann, Sue deBruijn and Kajsa Sabatke, among others–  for the wonderful experience.  They are true pros and have made  this whole thing feel very special for me, something I will always remember with great warmth.  Thank you so much allowing me the chance to experience this.

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