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This is a new painting that is on its way to California for my show, The Waking Moment,which opens December 1 at the the Just Looking Gallery in San Luis Obispo.   This   30″ by 40″ canvas has really stood out for me in the studio, catching my eye constantly.  There is just something essential in this piece for me, an indefinable sense of  being, as though there is some inner connection with  a greater power.  Perhaps that is why I call this painting Brahman.

Brahman is a Hindu term that describes the  ultimate goal as well as the Absolute.  It is not really what one might call God in the sense of Western religions.  Brahman is that which makes up the nature of everything, as the Upanishad  states:  Brahman is of the nature of truth, knowledge and infinity.  It is both the cause and effect of  all reality.

It truly is a hard thing to describe, given its scope in all things, in a short post by someone like me, one who is certainly unequipped to define such a power.  But there is something in this piece that, for me, has that nature of truth, knowledge and infinity.  It both humbles me and lifts me yet brings a sense calm over me, as though I am seeing one that has an understanding  and acceptance of this universal power.

This piece will give me pause for some time to come…


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