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Another painting that is part of my upcoming show at the Just Looking Gallery in San Luis Obispo is this is a new piece called Elysian Moment,   16″ by 26″ on paper.  The title is derived from the name for the Greek concept, Elysium,  of  the afterlife reserved for heroes and those related to the gods.  In other cultures it takes on the name of paradise or heaven, among other terms.  It is often described as being a rich and lush landscape.

Now I don’t think this is meant to be an actual depiction of Elysium.  Rather, I think this is a moment that anyone might have when they feel they are at a point in time that approaches paradise for them on this earth.  When the world seems good and the winds blow cool so that the sun’s warmth is just so and its light is bright and illuminating but not harsh.  When time seems to slow to a crawl so that the world appears frozen as they survey the beauty and the bounty of the landscape that surrounds them.  They feel themselves strong and in rhythm with that world around them, as though their very existences are both bound together.  They need the world and world needs them.  They have become elemental.

I don’t know if I’ve ever had such a moment.  I’m sure I would remember.  But I certainly hope to experience one, desire the unity of that single moment.  Maybe that desire is enough to carry one through the more difficult times of this life, enough to provide the needed idea of possibility that gives hope.

We shall see…

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