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Just Looking Gallery, SLO - GC Myers Show 2012 aWell, we got home last night after several days on the  west coast for my show this past weekend at the Just Looking Gallery in San Luis Obispo.  And though it was very wet , we had a great time.  We saw a lot of great sights, from  the heights of Yosemite  down to the coastal area around  SLO.  But it was the friendliness and warmth of the people there that made the biggest impression.  We met so many wonderful people.  My biggest complaint is that they were there to hear about my work  so I did more talking  when I would rather be listening, hearing about their lives and stories.

But it was a great trip and we have so many people to thank, from Ralph Gorton and Ken McGavin at the gallery  to the many folks who made it to the show, many traveling from quite a distance.  It was great to get to know Ralph and Ken better and to hear their entertaining stories.  And they do have some great stories.  They made Cheri and me  feel very welcome.  I will relate a few more details in the coming days but for the moment, I am still a little fatigued from the trip and am settling back into the studio routine this morning.

Again, many,many thanks to everyone who crossed our path this past week.  It was a real pleasure.

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