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Clouds of Joy

GC Myers- Clouds of Joy I have always maintained that my work acts as a sort of pacifier for me, a soothing respite from the outer world.  It gives me focus and brings me calm when I most need it.  And in light of the tragic events of the past week, I   found myself  in need.   I turned inward from the confusion of the outer world and centered on a new painting, one that was filled with color and light and a more optimistic outlook.

I call this 16″ by 20″ piece  on canvas Clouds of Joy.  There’s a forward looking sense  in this painting that is warm and  hopeful  while being, at the same time,  aware of the reality that is this world.  The clouds here, which for me represent an ethereal passing of time, are bright and beaming but are darkly edged with red peeking through their whiteness.  From their vantage point, they have seen   the world for what it really is.   Yet they still  reflect the light down to us in a hopeful way while absorbing the darkness of what they have witnessed.

Maybe that’s cock-eyed optimism.  If so, it’s no matter to me because I need that hope for what might be ahead,  need to believe that there is light on this earth.  There’s enough evidence of our darkness all around at this point.  I need evidence that we can shed this darkness and embrace the better parts of ourselves and our world.  Empathy.  Compassion.  Generosity of self and spirit.

And that’s what I see here.  A little hope that calms my inner whirlings.

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