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Albrecht Durer  Four Horsemeen of the Apocalypse ca 1497Those darn Mayans may have marked it off on their calendar  but I’ve been so busy over the last several months that I completely forgot that the world is coming to an end in a week.   I didn’t get my doomsday bunker built.  Didn’t hone my survivalist skills in any way. Didn’t stockpile a thousand cases of Campbell’s Soup or nearly enough weapons to fight off the packs of post-apocalyptic cannibals or zombies that will surely be wandering the countryside.   However, I did buy a larger bottle of aspirin a few weeks back but that was totally unrelated to the end of the world.  Just a good buy.

So I am not prepared right now for this world to end.  Oh well. But are we ever prepared for such a thing?   I was thinking about that as I was walking through the woods the other day.  What if these were the last days of this world as we know it?  Would I,  or could I,  change anything ?

I took in the color of the sky at the moment.  Took a deep breath of the cool air.  Looked at the curves of the tree trunks and limbs reaching skyward.  Held Cheri’s hand a bit tighter.  No, in that moment  I was satisfied with that being among my last days on this world.  Maybe that’s all we can or should do everyday.  Just see our world and simply take it in, let the image register deeply within us and be satisfied that we have seen it.

Or not.  Maybe I should go work on that machine gun turret  for my Subaru.

Here’s a song that is probably getting an awful lot of airplay but I don’t care.  It’s REM‘s It’s the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine). I’ve been singing the chorus of this song for 25 years, since it was first released back in 1987, and I might as well continue now that the end is surely upon us.  Thanks a lot, Mayans!

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