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I am in Virginia today for tonight’s opening at the Principle Gallery.  I thought for today that I would just show a few of the images from this show that have shown here over the last few months.  They look much better in person so, if you can make it, definitely stop in and take a look.  Hope to see you there!

GC Myers-Higher Ground GC Myers- Not Quite an Island GC Myers- Larger Than Life GC Myers- Guiding Lights GC Myers- Island of Souls GC Myers- Destiny Awaits GC Myers- Strands

GC Myers- Part of the Pattern

GC Myers- Part of the Pattern

GC Myers 2013 Ascent of Man GC Myers Life Spiral 2013 sm Diamond sm GC Myers- The Bridge GC Myers- Observers frm sm  GC Myers-  A Solemn Understanding sm gc-myers-internal-landscape-2012

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