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StonesThere is a run-off creek that runs through our property, between our home  and my studio.  In the dryness of the summer and early fall,  it stops flowing or does so at a trickle which is how it it is at this time.  But  during rainy periods it flows steadily, pulling soil and stones down the hillside as it gouges the creek bed deeper and deeper.  This erosion constantly reveals new stones that are pulled from their ages old home beneath the ground and  deposited at the bottom of the hill where the terrain levels.

I like to walk up the creek bed and look at these new gifts, taking in the small bits of color that emerge from the overwhelming drabness of the gray of most of the stones.  A bit of red here, a little blue there and pinks and pale yellows thrown in.  Occasionally I will stop over a nondescript stone that just has a quality that makes me want to pick it up, feeling its weight in my hand.  These stones often have a wonderful balance that has been achieved from ages of rolling along creeks as they made their way here.  Sometimes there is the worn imprint of a fossil, evidence of some prehistoric life form.  Some have a very smooth and cool surface and some are rough and sandy.

There is a meditative quality in looking down at these stones, wondering at the eons old journeys that have taken place in order to bring these to this place and time.  Wondering what great force brought this strange mix of stones together.  In this area it was most likely the glaciers that formed our landscape, depositing scree as it moved along.

It makes me  wonder where their journey will end but it also makes me ponder the shortness of our own time here.  These stones are of the ages, having witnessed all manner of life on this planet.  To stroll over them is to see through time, something that cuts through our hubris, our sense of self-importance in our small moment in the continuum of time.  We may be ephemera here but these stones might be eternity.

It’s just one of those things that go through the mind as I wander over the creek bed.  So much to see if I only choose to look.


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